Our Instructors

Sherri Brown, has been running BrownHill Stable and teaching since 2000.  She is a Certified Centered Riding instructor and a PQI (Pennsylvania Qualified Instructor).  Sherri feels most comfortable teaching children, but also enjoys teaching some wonderful adults.

“I feel that one of my strengths is that, having learned to ride as an adult, the struggles of learning to ride remain fresh in my mind.   I am not a natural rider, so I’ve had to dissect and examine every aspect of my riding, which I feel gives me wonderful tools for teaching.  I love horses, children, to talk and to teach.  These loves have all come together to make me the instructor that I am.”

“I’ve enjoyed learning from local instructor and trainer, Debby Hadden as well as internationally know instructor/authors Wendy Murdoch and Susan Harris”.

Sherri enjoys riding her Appendix QH, Jitterbug and doing ground work with her newest horse, June (Junebug).

One of the high points of my teaching “career” was teaching my daughter, Beka, to ride and watching her continue to grow in her riding with Amy, Deb and at College with Cheryl Keller.  I loved being able to stay home and run this business with my husband Lee, and children Luke, Jacob & Beka*. *Children are all now grown and have homes of their own, but still help with things at “home”.


Hayley T., helps our new and young students to get a great, centered, balanced start.  She has been riding since she was a young child and has competed locally and on her college IHSA team. She is retired from her career as a clinical psychologist (she has her Doctorate).  In addition to starting our new riders, Hayley helps with barn work and general planning/brainstorming.  Hayley’s encouraging, sweet personality make her a joy to have as part of our program.  Hayley takes weekly lessons and leases Shady.


Beka Hurst, in addition to her career as a Global Sourcing Manager at Clark Associates, helps substitute teach.  She also goes to shows, working with Sherri to coach our students, helps with special events, brainstorming and proofreading.  Beka has an eye for detail and is fantastic at helping riders make small changes that produce big results.  She started riding as a 4 year old (first pony was named Blue) and showed locally (since she was 4) and in college on her IHSA team.  Beka enjoys riding her lease horse Oakley in her “spare” time.