Groups and Pony Parties

Pony Parties
Let us help you plan a pony or horse party for your birthday or other special occasion!


Come enjoy our beautiful wooded property, bring your picnic lunch or refreshments and use our picnic area.

We enjoy hosting:

Birthday Party

  • Girl/Boy Scout groups (we can help you earn badges)
  • School Ag groups
  • Home School groups
  • Birthday Parties
  • Groups with special needs
  • Family outings
  • Church groups/Youth groups
  • Adult groups/clubs

…just about any type of group you may have!


What to wear to BrownHill Stable:

  • Sturdy shoes or boots – no sandals or flip-flops
  • Weather-appropriate clothing. Be aware that the temperature is normally a few degrees cooler on our hill.
  • Clothing that can get dirty – farms have dirt!


Choose from these options listed, or contact us to custom-design your visit.
Pony/Horse Rides
Plan your party around our safe, quiet horses and ponies.   Ask us about weight limits.

  • Time: 1 hour.
  • Cost: $95 for the first Pony/Horse
  •           $55 for each additional Pony/Horse
  •           $35 use of a miniature horse – waiting guests may groom and visit with her while they wait
  • Group Size: We can safely handle groups up to 30 riders.

Riding Lesson
A group lesson approximately 1/2 hour long. Let us know you group’s interest – we can teach an English lesson, barrel racing, pole bending, or a mini-trail ride. All of our lessons are taught with an emphasis on safety and fun using Centered Riding Basics. Grooming time can be added to the lesson if the group would like (check with Sherri for prices).

  • Cost: $35 per rider ($105 minimum).
  • Group Size: Six riders per group. If your group is larger than six, then we will split the group. The group not riding can be entertained by an adult in your group, or you may consider a barn lesson or education session.

Also available are 1 hour group lessons for $50 per rider. ($150 minimum)

Hands-On Barn Lesson
A riding instructor will spend time teaching your group how to safely work around horses. Time will be spent learning to groom and lead a horse, as well as some good old-fashioned “horse sense”. An adult from your group will be needed to help supervise.

  • Time: One hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Cost: $ 60 for the first Pony/Horse
  •            $30 for each additional Pony/Horse
  • Group Size: Up to 18 participants

Education Session
Spend time in the barn. Learn about what, when and how horses eat. Walk through the barn and meet the horses. Learn about what is involved in caring for a horse on a daily basis. Why do horses think and act the way they do? This is a great, inexpensive option for homeschool groups and scout groups. The information can be tailored to your group’s age, experience and current education curriculum. This session can also be combined with a Lesson or Pony/Horse Rides. An adult from your group will be needed to help supervise.

  • Time: Choose 45 minutes or 1 hour.
  • Cost: 45 minute session – $40 for the group.
  •           1 hour  session – $50 for the group.
  • Group Size: Up to 30 participants.

Craft Time
We will provide all supplies needed to complete a fun horse-related craft. Please contact us for current availability and pricing.

  • Group Size: Up to 30 participants.

Miniature Horses

We have some adorable miniature horses who can help us teach grooming and handling skills to even the littlest guest.  Please contact us for details.