Our Miniature Horses

BrownHill Stable is home to 4 adorable miniature horses: Dee, Lucy, Brandeigh & CinnaRoo. We bought Dee in January 2013 unaware that she was 5 months pregnant. In July 2013 we welcomed her baby Lucy. Lucy’s first night with us was very touch-and-go because she was a surprise, but she fought hard, pulled through, and has been perfectly healthy ever since. Our mother-daughter mini team are adored by all of our students and visitors.

At the end of 2019, we sold Dee to Allie D. who received her as a Christmas present. Brandeigh is owned by Kara M. and Roo is leased by Sarah W. We love to see our students take on more responsibility and love that these minis have their own people to give them extra attention. Allie graciously allows us to still use Dee for pony parties and pony camps.

Having the minis adds several great aspects to our lesson program. Because of their size, they are great confidence builders; they allow kids to learn how to properly lead and handle horses without the intimidation of a full sized horse. The minis are also a fun and safe way for our younger and smaller students to interact with horses. As previously mentioned, we use the minis for pony parties and pony camps. Not only do the minis help with the educational side of things, but they are super cute and just fun to play with. Our students enjoy running and jumping the minis in-hand, which is great exercise for everyone and usually ends in lots of giggles.

Allie with Dee and Caden with Lucy

Sarah W. with Roo
Carly H. jumping Lucy